I can help you make better business decisions

I am a Chartered Accountant, a native English speaker and fluent German speaker
with years of professional experience.

I can provide you with the knowledge and tools to help you make better business decisions.
To do this,
I offer services in the following three areas:

Business Modelling

  • I discuss your needs with you and develop a flexible Excel-Model to depict your business and/or target company
  • I use a proven best practice approach to efficiently achieve results and keep you apprised of progress
  • You can use the completed model as a basis for strategic, fact-based decision-making
  • I will support you in the whole process and can also provide training if appropriate
  • What key strategic decisions do you need reliable simulations for? Let's discuss!
Data Analytics

  • Volume, velocity and variety of data are ever on the increase
  • You no doubt have plenty of data but are perhaps unsure what it can tell you or how to use it to make an important decision
  • I can analyse your data and combine it, as appropriate, with so-called open (public) data and possibly even publicly available competitor data
  • We can then discover valuable insights for improved commercial decision-making
  • Applicable in all areas of business from sales, production, personnel, overheads, capital and financial investments, working capital management, to financing and beyond
  • Let’s discuss your data and your needs
Excel Training

  • Excel is in use everywhere in accounting and finance departments, not least because it is so flexible and data is often readily available in Excel format
  • But there are associated risks: Are results reliable? Was the analysis efficiently carried out? Could you have got more out of the data?
  • The solution is a customised training for relevant employees
  • From simple tips and tricks to complex financial modelling, I have developed and given many successful courses and would love to help you here
Please see my Excel website for some short Excel training examples

Gary Knott Englisch Profile

I have many years of experience in the above areas
in a wide variety of industry sectors,
most notably in energy, manufacturing, transport & travel, chemicals, pharma and health.

Please see the contact page
and give me a call or send me an e-mail.
I will be happy to arrange a free, non-binding first meeting to discuss your exact needs.